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traitement Anusitis

Anusitis is an inflammation of the anal margin and can be acute or chronic. Oil, natural solution effective against candidiasis anal ...  


traitement Anusitis

The acute or permanent anusitis is an irritation of the anus. A natural and effective oil allows to fight against anal candidiasis. The symptoms of inflammation of the anus are pain, tingling and itching and sometimes seeps. The anusitis can be caused by a sexually transmitted disease in this case we see condyloma at the level of the anus. They can also be caused by a mild infection caused by frequent washing of the anus but also by the hemorrhoids. According to these cases, the anusitis can appear under several forms namely streptococcal anusitis and seborrheic dermatitis. The first is more often found in children and appears in the form of eczema or mycosis causing the child pain and chronic itching. In adults, the anusitis can cause more serious consequences such as seepage in case the irritation was caused by an STD like gonorrhea. But be aware that you can avoid and treat anusitis. As soon as the child has a pharyngitis accompanied by a dermatosis or when we are faced of stinging and burning extended to the anus, it is best to consult. In adults, the diagnosis of an STD is advocated primarily by physicians, to then treat anusitis but further tests are necessary to detect possible cancer of the anus.

Anusitis : traitements et remèdes naturels utiles

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SkinAntivir Lotion

13.13 € - Up to 2 months by flask of 20 ml

Product recommended for Zoster or postzona pain, cold sore, infected wounds, redness of skin folds

- SkynAntivir oil cleans deep skin: it contains EO disinfectant and antiviral, which makes it active against cold sores and dermal manifestations of herpes zoster.ANTIVIRAL oil composition, powerful antibacterial broad-. Useful in cases of anal itching (anusitis, anal candidiasis), irritation of the glans (balanitis, balanoposthitis), vulvitis (perivaginal irritation) Cutaneous antiparasitic. Treat some warts. Stimulates immunity.


Cream or oil based on chemotyped essential oils or vegetable oils, 100% pure and natural, having passed favorably the tests of sensitizing power All active substances are composed exclusively of natural ingredients without preservatives, fungicides, pesticides, insecticides, OGM, dyes or artificial flavors and have undergone no irradiation for their sterilization free from any toxic metals does not contain any chemical preservatives like parabens Do not use during pregnancy and lactation

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