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Natural treatment for Irritable bowel

natural treatment Irritable bowel

What is "Irritable bowel" ?

The irritable bowel (IBS) is the result of a disturbance of the motility of the stomach and intestines, characterized by a bloating associated with abdominal pain, diarrhea or constipation.  

The irritable bowel syndrome is a digestive problem that is defined by discomfort or unpleasant sensations in the stomach. These ailments are connected with a disturbance of the speed of passage of food through the large intestine. Two distinct cases can occur, either the speed of the transition is too fast, or it is too slow and this produces different symptoms. Thus, when the phases of contraction and relaxation of intestinal muscles are faster or stronger than normal, the time allocated to the colon to perform the absorption of the water contained in food is insufficient. This causes diarrhea. Slow and weak contractions compared to the normal prompt bowel to swallow too much fluid, which is causing constipation. Then the stools are hard and dry. There are three subcategories syndrome depending on the type of main symptoms: pain syndrome with diarrhea, syndrome with constipation and pain, syndrome with pain, diarrhea and constipation. This syndrome is the cause of 30 to 50% of consultations with a gastroenterologist and affects nearly 20% of the western countries population, especially women. There are several possible treatments for this disorder. But generally, it is in function of how it occurs. For example, if the patient suffers from persistent constipation, fiber supplements are important. This is an effective solution to accelerate intestinal transit. An adaptation of the diet is helpful. Thus, regular intake of fresh vegetables and fruits is also a solution, not only to cure but also to prevent the problem, avoiding certain foods (dairy or sugary foods).

Irritable bowel : traitements et remèdes naturels utiles

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Product recommended for Esophagitis, ulcers, aerophagia, stomatitis, gastric acidity (heartburn), colitis, infectious colitis, digestive mycosis, diarrhea, halitosis (bad breath), oesophageal reflux, digestive mycosis, irritable colon.

- The gastroesophageal reflux disease is defined by the passage into the esophagus of a part of gastric contents. The natural substances of mineral origin and plant entering this composition is a general protector of the digestive tract. Anti-infective intestinal. In prevention of the secondary disorders of food excesses.


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