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Natural treatment for Lose weight

natural treatment Lose weight

What is "Lose weight" ?

Different strategies to lose weight permanently ... 

If no diet really makes a difference, by following a few recognized methods, it is possible to lose weight in order to reach a healthy weight. The most important rule is to respect his hunger by stopping nibbling all day long as well as knowing how to limit its cravings. For this it is better to favor dishes with low calorific density. The best way to lose weight is to increase the consumption of satiating foods. The nutrition professionals advise the consumption of a big quantity of low energetic value foods such as fruits, vegetables, cereal products with whole germs and leguminous. By favoring foods with a low caloric density, you feel full without swallowing foods abundant in energy elements. We must reduce fat because it is these that cause the greatest number of millithermie per gram. Indeed, contrary to popular belief, they are less rich in energy and rassasiants than protein. Of this fact, to be able to hope to lose weight, you should eat foods with total calories do not exceed 30%. The nourishing fibers can reduce hunger and make to lose weight. To have control over its weight, it is best to consume 25 g to 35 g of fiber per day. The liquid is used to fill the stomach when false appetites take us, but they also act on the body by soaking it, by supporting it in the process of drainage and by protecting certain chemical effects. Finally, regular physical activity helps to control and lose weight in healthy way. And all the experts agree that these are the best ways to lose weight without resorting to draconian regimes.

Lose weight : traitements et remèdes naturels utiles

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- A set of natural substances to fight on excess weight with an action on too high triglycerides, too low or too high HDL, high blood pressure and too high fasting glycemia.. action on too high triglycerides (over 1.5 g/l), HDL cholesterol too low (below 0.5 g/l in women or 0.4 g/l in men) LDL cholesterol too high, high blood pressure (equal or more 135/85 mm Hg) and too high fasting glycemia (equal or more 1.00 g/l)


under the form of capsule - unless otherwise specified, all our products in capsule is taken orally, in divided doses throughout the day and between meals All ingredients are without preservatives, fungicides, pesticides, insecticides, OGM, dyes or artificial flavors, have undergone no irradiation for their sterilization and no animal testing have been conducted The substances are free from the presence of animal substance - Suitable for vegetarians and vegans gluten free, lactose free and casein free