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Natural treatment for Cellulitis

natural treatment Cellulitis

What is "Cellulitis" ?

The cellulite is the modification or alteration of the skin tissue or subcutaneous, visible to the naked eye. Sometimes this is due to an inflammation. Not necessarily related to excess of weight, for cons with hormonal secretions ...  

Humans, especially women attach a lot of importance to the aesthetics of their physical appearance. The imperfections such as acne, scars and cellulite especially bother them completely. Cellulite is also known by the medical term "orange peel". It is characterized by a change in the skin. Structural transformation of subcutaneous adipose tissue, ie fat is deposited under the skin. This deposit is frequently seen in women on the thighs and buttocks. This phenomenon creates a bumpy appearance to the skin. According to the doctors this is physiologically normal and must appear in 90% of women at some point in their lives. But the moment of appearance depends on each woman and other factors such as the action of estrogen, the structure of the skin, genetic inheritance, blood and lymph circulation, sedentary lifestyle, stress and fatigue. There is not, so far, definitive solutions to this skin problem. However, the unsightly appearance of cellulite can be treated by various means like a healthy diet, low in salt, physical activity and local treatment. Among these local treatments, there are natural products made ​​with or without transformations in the form of capsules, herb teas or drinks. To reduce cellulite with natural products, essential oils applied in massage favors the lymphatic drainage. Organic herb teas also help to reduce water retention. The essential anti-cellulite oils are: cinnamon, ravintsara, oregano, rosemary. The draining plants are numerous: Dandelion (leaves and roots), rosemary (leaves), fennel (roots), cassis (leaves). Orthosiphon is specially used for water retention, obesity and cellulite. There is no preventions against cellulite. Nobody escapes when it wants to appear, only its appearance can be reduced by eating healthily, doing enough exercise ... , by being careful to the factors mentioned above.

Cellulitis : traitements et remèdes naturels utiles