Natural treatment for Intestinal transit

natural treatment Intestinal transit

What is "Intestinal transit" ?

Regulating intestinal transit - In medicine the intestinal transit is the progression of the bolus in the gut. A deregulation of flora especially after taking antibiotics can lead to diarrhea or constipation. 

The bowel disorders are benign, common but terribly embarrassing for everyday life. Women are three times more likely to suffer from a delay in intestinal transit than men. At age 65, the risk increases significantly, for both men and women. A bad bowel disorders manifested by difficulties in bowel movements (less than three bowel movements per week) in the feeling of a swollen stomach or bloating. Several factors may be associated with a bad intestinal transit as a diet low in fiber and fluids, lack of exercise and physical inactivity. Some medicines. To favor a good intestinal transit, adopt a high fiber diet, eat more vegetables and fruits, favor whole grain cereal instead of refined food, and avoid stimulants. Drinking enough. Having a regular exercise and go to stool as soon as it arises. The bowel movement varies from one person to another. In reality, it does not happen necessarily every day, each individual has his frequency. The general range is between 3 times a day to 3 times per week. If the bowel movement is less than 3 times per week, we suspect a constipation if it exceeds three times a day under a liquid look, it could be a diarrhea. Also, any unusual changes in the frequency, color, consistency or stool form, indicates bowel disorders. These are worrying signs for the elderly people over 50 years, because they are exposed to a development of a digestive disease. The appearance and color of stool indicate the type of intestinal problem. They are black stools, red or brown, green, pale or clayey and there are those that contain blood. This requires a medical consultation because it is a likely sign of intestinal bleeding. The rest is only dependent on the color of our food. But in all cases, if the problem persists, it would be wise to go see a doctor.

Intestinal transit : traitements et remèdes naturels utiles

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