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Who are we ?

A multidisciplinary team of natural medicine that specializes in herbal and medicinal plants.  A herbal medicine and natural products for different life stages.  A range of natural treatments at the service of an alternative medicine in response to specific health problems of the woman or man. Natural therapies ranging from behavioral problems of children until diseases due to aging


A multidisciplinary team of natural medicine 

Labosp regroups and collaborates with scientists (doctors, dentists, biologists, pharmacists...) form various disciplines of alternative medecine.

Effective natural therapeutic solutions

Our objective, the research and development of food supplements, real natural therapeutic tools

Our referents, specialized in herbal medecine and healing plants, the authors of the available studies, act all with the same scientific requirement. The result, studies and natural solutions under the form of specific protocols of action based on the most recent discoveries and the scientific publications.

At all stages of life

A herbal medecine for different life stages. Many health specific problems of the man or women are approached, natural therapies going with behavior disorders to pathologies due to the ageing

Not allergenic food supplements

All our products for internal use are made from natural ingredients, conditioned in vegetable capsules, without preservatives agents, fungicides, pesticides, insecticides, ogm, dyes or artificial flavors and contain no lactose, no gluten, no casein.

In the construction of our range of products for external use, we opted for two essential choices :
- take advantage of the big synergy between phytotherapy and aromatherapy. 
- optimize the activity of these natural active principles, an alternative medicine using the latest experiences of the galenic to develop two new excipients, one under oily form, the other as a cream, containing soluble silicon.

These new excipients are even more efficient, containing no chemical preservative agent without paraben


8,Rue Taille Colin - 5030 Lonzée - Belgium
Tel : +32 81612595 - Fax : +32 81356617

Email: info@labosp.com - www.labosp.com
- Business ID : BE464447480


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